Ebisu Kanji


Ebisu Sushi & Bar quietly emerged on the San Diego sushi scene in 2004, occupying a space that was once Hillcrest’s first sushi bar nearly 20 years prior.

The progeny of a mom & pop team who shared one of their first dates in this very place, it has established itself as the spot to count on for the best sushi that is consistently fresh and sleekly presented in a relaxed, friendly backdrop.

Ebisu Sushi & Bar has always strived to be sincere in the food that it presents and cozy with the atmosphere that it creates. Hip–but not pretentious. Modern–but comfortable. Welcoming–but not effusively so.

The vibe and food here inspire a variety of great experiences. The lighting is intimate, making you want to lean in a bit closer while on a date. The mood in the back Lounge can be electric and bright, providing the perfect space for a large group or a fun night of cocktails.